So I did a thing while in Israel. This tattoo shop was opened in 1300 and has been owned by the same family for 28 generations. My stencil was craved from wood and is approximately 500 years old which they used to stencil it on my arm. The tattoo presents love and family…. the parent doves are in the tree watching the children soar and the world PEACE is written in Latin, Hebrew and Arabic which I prayer for daily

Nikon Mirrorless

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Purchase my new Nikon Mirrorless Camera and here’s my first image I captured using natural lighting and my Nikon 105….. I think I’m going to like this new camera gear.


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Artists and confidence…..man it’s a double edge sword to deal with.

I know for me I’ve struggled with confidence thinking that my artwork isn’t good enough to share with the world. Confidence can be an amazing feeling and it can be terrifying as well…. and how I deal with it can impact my artwork as well.

I’m slowly learning to just let go and putting myself and my artwork out there…. embrace whatever I’m feeling at the moment, not fearing the moment, and just enjoying interacting with people who see my artwork and learning to humble myself to their commentary…. it’s a freeing act to just surrender yourself and stop letting your confidence or lack of control you have control you.

I know, if I go back to that brave little girl I was exploring the world around me that I can grab this new journey by its tail and succeed.


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THANK YOU to EVERYONE who supported me near and far. Without you all my journey wouldn’t be as awesome as its been.

My BIGGEST surprise of the evening was being surprised by my daughter in law Holly Gordon Bush, her Mom and Auntie…. I had to look three times before I realized it was really them.

To my fellow photographer’s and artists I’m so proud to been associated with such amazing people and I truly sorry I couldn’t make it to your shows BUT I SUPPORTED YOU IN SPIRIT.


Art Show Write-Up

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Art Show


I am absolutely stoked for my upcoming art show for the month of May. I will be displaying 13 of my favorite pieces of my abstract photography.

Here’s a few of my abstract artwork I’ll be showing……THANK YOU ALL FOR FOLLOWING MY BLOG.

Officially Published…..SO STOKED

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IMG_3619-1IMG_3620I’m so stoked that I’ve had my images published for the first time in our regional newspaper, it’s pretty exciting to see your name under your photographs, as well as a sense of accomplishment knowing that people are going to see your work.

I’m feeling like the last two years of taking college courses in photography are finally coming together, and feel I have the skills to take my photography from being a student to a professional.

I have to say THANK YOU to Julie of the Garland District for giving me this amazing opportunity in photographing this event, I truly appreciate your support.  The Garland District has been home to our family for 28 years and I love giving back to our neighborhood with my photography.