Jennifer and Carter………I’m Blessed

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I have the true pleasure of  introducing you to Jennifer and Carter, it was a true honor to have this opportunity to photography them today.  Jennifer and Carter are currently on vacation here in Spokane and I believe it’s been almost 3 years since we’ve seen each other, so I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to put them in front of my camera.

I met Jennifer while we both worked for the military, I’m telling you the military will truly BLESS you with very special people in your life and Jennifer is one of them.  She is an amazingly strong women, a dedicated military member and ONE HECK OF A MOTHER to her little guy.

Abstract Poppies

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Pink Indulgence

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pinkflowerSpring is my favorite time of year I get so excited to photograph all the beautiful flowers that are in bloom.  I love the colors, shapes and textures and I have so much fun with editing the images to see what I can create.

Wild Poppies

beauty that surrounds us, connecting to your world, fine art, FLOWER PHOTOGRAPHY, FLOWERS, General, M'Liss Bush Photography, Mother Nature, Photographer Spokane Washington, Poppies, Spokane Washington, Wild Flowers

poppyGordon (my camera) and myself took a stroll together through the neighborhood and captured wild flowers,  I loved the poppies that were growing randomly in a yard that we passed by so I could help but capture their beauty.

As a photographer, I am really trying to explore my editing skills in multiple programs and just letting my artistic skills grow.  There are times that one image can take on so many forms that I find I struggle with what image I like the most.  I guess that is the hardest thing for an artist to deal with and I beginning to think your first instinct is actually the best…. DON’T OVER THINK YOUR ART

Social Commentary Through Photography

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For months, politics had been the hot topic of the folks I attended classes with, so I thought I would document how they were feeling through my photography.

I was asked by many if I was worried about offending people, and my answer was ABSOLUTLEY NO!!!!!!!!!!!  Throughout history photography has documented our worlds social issues and has been shared through various medias so it can be seen in hopes to bring attention and change.

You can’t let fear control what you photograph, document what you see even if it’s not your point of view, because I can’t even imagine what we wouldn’t know if artist didn’t share what they have seen through their art…….


First Art Show Coming To An End


Our first art show featuring the photography students from the Spokane Falls Community College Photography program is coming to an end at the Cougar Crest Winery this month…… its been an amazing experience and I can’t thank everyone enough who came out and supported us.


Garland District Art Alley

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The Garland District is becoming known for its amazing murals and yesterday I was so proud to have the opportunity to document another mural being added to the Art Alley in the district.  If you like art, come to the Garland District and take a little time to travel the alleys of the Garland District and see the beautiful murals that make our community unique.

Yesterday, Daniel Lopez and other arts came together with a few of our local youth to created another piece of art.  What I love is how he and other local artist give back to our community by teaching kids about art and involving them in creating something they can be proud of.  At any given time, you will see photographers doing photo shoots using the murals as backdrops for many of their fashions shoots, it’s so nice to see how these murals are being used in so many different art mediums and bringing people to our area to enjoy the beauty of the District we all love who live here.

My First Oil Panting From a Photograph

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large oil paintingI have a total love hate relationship with Photoshop and my editing skills are something that I am focused on learning to really bring my images to the next level.

This was my first attempt at taking one of my flower images to the next level in Photoshop.   I decided to learn the “oil painting” feature in Photoshop and prayed I wouldn’t toss my computer across the room LOL…….. NOTE: NOTHING WAS HURT OR DESTROYED DURING THE EDITING OF THIS IMAGE.   To my utter surprised I completely enjoyed the creative process today and am totally stoked that I learned a new editing style in Photoshop.

I would love to hear your feedback, as well as any ideas/tips you would like to share editing your images especially in the abstract photography area.


The Gift That Keeps Giving

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For years, I have received many stunning floral arrangements for Mother’s Day, and this year that tradition continues.  I have alway wished I could find some way to memorialize my floral arrangements, but sadly they are permanently stored in my memories.  Today, I decided to change that so I would have these gifts with me forever.

I have been attending college courses for photography over the last two years, and my goal has been to purchasing equipment for my home studio, I can finally say “I HAVE  EQUIPMENT” to fill a studio………oh on a sad note our living room gets completely taken over as my studio space when I am shooting my photography.

My images above are of the beautiful flowers I received for Mother’s Day, and now they won’t become a distant memory, they are now with me forever….. GIFTS THAT KEEP GIVING THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY.