Abstract Photography Created with Milk, Oil and Acrylic Paint

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Since I graduated from college in June with my AAS in photography I took a little break and just relaxed…… WELL I’M BACK.  Deva Bailey-Logan, a fellow photography gave me the inspiration to shoot these images and I can’t thank her enough for lighting my creative flame again.

Abstract Poppies

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First Art Show Coming To An End


Our first art show featuring the photography students from the Spokane Falls Community College Photography program is coming to an end at the Cougar Crest Winery this month…… its been an amazing experience and I can’t thank everyone enough who came out and supported us.


Garland District Art Alley

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The Garland District is becoming known for its amazing murals and yesterday I was so proud to have the opportunity to document another mural being added to the Art Alley in the district.  If you like art, come to the Garland District and take a little time to travel the alleys of the Garland District and see the beautiful murals that make our community unique.

Yesterday, Daniel Lopez and other arts came together with a few of our local youth to created another piece of art.  What I love is how he and other local artist give back to our community by teaching kids about art and involving them in creating something they can be proud of.  At any given time, you will see photographers doing photo shoots using the murals as backdrops for many of their fashions shoots, it’s so nice to see how these murals are being used in so many different art mediums and bringing people to our area to enjoy the beauty of the District we all love who live here.