Abstract Photography Created with Milk, Oil and Acrylic Paint

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Since I graduated from college in June with my AAS in photography I took a little break and just relaxed…… WELL I’M BACK.  Deva Bailey-Logan, a fellow photography gave me the inspiration to shoot these images and I can’t thank her enough for lighting my creative flame again.

My First Oil Panting From a Photograph

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large oil paintingI have a total love hate relationship with Photoshop and my editing skills are something that I am focused on learning to really bring my images to the next level.

This was my first attempt at taking one of my flower images to the next level in Photoshop.   I decided to learn the “oil painting” feature in Photoshop and prayed I wouldn’t toss my computer across the room LOL…….. NOTE: NOTHING WAS HURT OR DESTROYED DURING THE EDITING OF THIS IMAGE.   To my utter surprised I completely enjoyed the creative process today and am totally stoked that I learned a new editing style in Photoshop.

I would love to hear your feedback, as well as any ideas/tips you would like to share editing your images especially in the abstract photography area.


Exploring Abstract Photography

abstract, Abstract Photography, bloggers, General, journey, love of photography, passion, passion for photograph, photography journey, Photography Student, Spokane Washington

I have become obsessed with “abstract photography” and seeing what I can create using everyday items around my home.  In the above images I used oil, water, acrylic paint,  nail polish as well as Q-tips.  I never realized the use of such simple things could be used in creating something so beautiful.  The creative process was so freeing, as well as exciting for me, I plan on continuing in this type of photography,

Looking at abstract art and letting my mind free to interrupt what it sees is always exciting for me.  The emotions both mentally and visually that abstract art has on people I believe allows us to expand our minds in so many ways, and allows us to escape reality for a short time………………And who doesn’t need a little time to just ESCAPE AND RELAX from our busy lives.


What Drives Your Passion

Abstract Photography, bloggers, love of photography, New Photographers, Nikon D750, passion, passion for photograph, Photography Student, Portraiture Photography, Spokane Washington

meHello fellow photographers and bloggers

I am just starting my photography website and I would love your feedback on my new webpage to see what I can do to improve my site.  I would also love to hear your story, how you started your journey with photography and what drives your passion in your photography.

My passion is in creating expressive, artistic photography.  Photography for me is a pure opportunity for engagement with people and nature. What I value most are the real and natural moments we experience collectively as individuals.  I enjoy capturing the true moments through provoking photography, whether it be in my portraiture’s or abstract art.

New Website for M’Liss Bush Photography

Abstract Photography, General, Nikon D750, Photography Student, Portraiture Photography, Spokane Washington

Well after two years of being in the Photography Program at Spokane Falls Community College I find myself close to graduation earning my AAS degree, its been an amazing journey to say the least.  There are so many people to thank in helping me make this journey and I would like to start out by recognizing my husband Ray and our two son’s Jayson and Micheal, without them this journey wouldn’t have been possible.  I would also like to thank the AMAZING instructors of the Photography Program YOU ALL ARE FANTASTIC ARTIST AND TEACHERS and to my fellow students I can’t thank you enough for all the support you have given me.

With that being said, I’ve created my new website highlighting what I love about people, our world and my community through my photography.  I would love to receive your feedback of the new website to help me evolve in sharing what I love most MY PHOTOGRAPHY.