My hubby and I are true foodies, we absolutely enjoy experiencing the local restaurants in our hometown of Spokane Washington. We have dedicated our Friday “Date-Night” where we choose a different restaurant to experience and share our love of food with people. Oh, as a photographer, I never leave the house without my camera, so that I captured some of Spokane’s unique restaurants and share our experiences with you.

This local neighborhood gem is “Elliott’s an Urban Kitchen.” The minute you walk in the door you are greeted by Toni or Realene who are the proud owners and immediately make you feel like family. I’m telling you this is a MUST go to if you enjoy visiting and supporting local restaurants, with amazing food, friendly staff, and were you can truly just enjoy the laid-back environment and let the stress of the week melt away. Elliott’s an Urban Kitchen is located 2209 N. Monroe, Spokane Washington, (509) 866-0850. I would highly suggest y’all make reservations because they have a dedicated customers and can get busy.

I must add a disclaimer in no way have I been asked to review, advertise or write for any of the restaurants I feature on my page, I truly do this for our passion of amazing food and a great Date-Nights with my husband…….. Bon Appetite

My Food Photography

Chicken Tagine
Middle Eastern Chicken, Ginger Rice and Crispy Green Salad

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