Preserving Life Through Images

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Before I entered the world of photography, I realize I rarely slowed down long enough to appreciate the beauty around me, this is why I love getting into photography, you slow down and see the world around you.  People, places and things start to take on another world to you and I’m finding that I’m actually connecting to my community and the people around me in ways  I never have before.  Photographing the beauty of what nature gives us is so rewarding.  I love the lines, textures and range of colors nature gives us in her works of art.

It’s my goal in my photography to document people, places and nature, letting my camera capture what I see because I believe documenting what I see is in someway preserving a time in history.  The above image I feel I’ve capture the beauty of the rose in its glory, because soon it will die and I will soon forget just how beautiful it was.  Life in any form is so fragile and can be gone in a moment, memories fade and we wish we had something to remember what is close to us, so document what you see and hold on to your memories .




The Gift That Keeps Giving

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For years, I have received many stunning floral arrangements for Mother’s Day, and this year that tradition continues.  I have alway wished I could find some way to memorialize my floral arrangements, but sadly they are permanently stored in my memories.  Today, I decided to change that so I would have these gifts with me forever.

I have been attending college courses for photography over the last two years, and my goal has been to purchasing equipment for my home studio, I can finally say “I HAVE  EQUIPMENT” to fill a studio………oh on a sad note our living room gets completely taken over as my studio space when I am shooting my photography.

My images above are of the beautiful flowers I received for Mother’s Day, and now they won’t become a distant memory, they are now with me forever….. GIFTS THAT KEEP GIVING THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY.