Passion for Cooking

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I’ve always had the passion for cooking, which I can thank my mother for passing on that gift.

Tonight, I’m trying my had at learning the art of cooking in a Tagine and preparing traditional Moroccan Saffron Chicken. The aroma of all the spices and cilantro smell absolutely amazing.

Bringing amazing meals to the table for my family to enjoy fills my heart with joy.

Graffiti Walls

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Wherever I travel I always photograph the beauty and social commentary of the graffiti I see…. the walls are filled with artistic history.

A Mother, Her Son and Racing

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Photo by Micheal Bush

Photo by Micheal Bush
Photo by Micheal Bush

As a mother, you might not always know the impact you may have had on your children……….Today I had that moment.

This morning bright and early my husband woke me up and said “your son is trying to call you, answer your phone, as mother my heart skipped a beat wondering what was going on.

Somewhat panicked, I immediately called our son to find out what was happening and at the moment I realized how I made an everlasting impact on my son’s life that has bonded us for forever………… THE LOVE OF CAR RACING. Just a little background information needs to be told here. Our son is on a trip of a lifetime, he’s currently at the Rolex 25 at Daytona……….. WOW CAN I SAY I’M JEALOUS. So back to the phone call, I immediately called our son…… He answers the phone and says” mom go look at my facebook page now, it’s for you.I hurried to his Facebook page and I see a beautiful black racing helmet signed by the all women’s team racing at the Rolex 24……….. CAN I SAY I CRIED.

Right then and there I realized, it’s the little moments you share with your children that they cherish. It’s not about all the things you buy them or do for them, IT’S AS SIMPLE AS SPENDING INNOCENT MOMENTS IN TIME THAT YOU SHARE TOGETHER THAT WILL HAVE THE MOST MEANING TO THEM.

Thank you Micheal I will alway cherish you amazing gift you gave me today…… the beautiful helmet and letting me know that the moments we shared watching racing truly had a positive impact on you…