Running in Circles

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Feeling creative today so out came there acrylic paints and a large piece of plastic and away I go…..

After I finish creating my abstract artwork I take the large plastic piece and light it with my studio lighting and photograph.

It always amazing me who beautiful they are once I frame them…. KEEP CREATING AND FILL YOUR LIFE WITH JOY.

Bear Abstract

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I love abstract photography so I thought I’d play around with this image of the bear I captured yesterday…. I’m diggin the vibe of the image

Not Happy….. Keep Creating

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Sometimes you create an abstract and it’s just not speaking to you….. walk away from it and return when you can see what you have and push it until it speaks to you visually…. I finally got there with this flower abstract…..

Abstract Impressions

abstract art, FLOWER PHOTOGRAPHY, General

This morning while walking around and enjoying the beautiful flowers I decided to photograph them and decided to do my funky abstract artwork.

Photographer Just Having Fun

abstract art, Abstract Photography, General

I took this image of M&M coffee mugs for some silly reason, however I believe every photo has a purpose….. me just having fun creating another funky abstract.

Art Show Write-Up

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Black Beauty

abstract art, General

The Flow Abstract Photography

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I never really understand how in a spilt second I feel the need to create my artwork. Playing with acrylic paint I find to be so creative and totally feel so free with this medium when creating my abstract photography.

Flower Power

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