Gastric Delight

Traveling the world and food is absolutely an amazing experience one has in life. Last night we experienced amazing Syrian food prepared for us…… can I say my mouth was BLESSED

Florence Italy

I captured this image while in Florence Italy…, you will be forever in my heart

Starting the Weekend Off Right

After a long week of photography and editing you just have to kick back and relax with amazing food and a nice cocktail.

I am Blessed…… A Great Friend Retires Today


My Dearest Jody

You are about to board

A really long flight

So put your seat belt on

Clutch the armrest tight

The flight will take you to

A beautiful destination

It’s called Retirement

Life’s longest vacation.


First Senior Portraiture Session In The Books

Joe gave me the opportunity of a lifetime, he’s my first Senior Portraiture client. He’s an amazing young man and I had so much fun photographing him….. Thank you Joe.

Lessons learned while photographing watch for hand placement and posing…. practice will only make me better.


Peaceful Serenity

One of my favorite images I captured while traveling through Europe.

Walls of Belfast

Seeing the walls of Belfast was a very emotional moment for me.  I can remember as a child watching the news and seeing the sadness that came with the violence and how it touched me so young, many times bringing me to tears.  I was way to young to understand what was actually happening and what it was about but I knew this moment in history sadden me deeply, so being able to visit and giving my respect and a silent prayer was extremely meaningful to me.

Cannonball Run Ireland

My gawd some amazingly beautiful cars I seen on the ferry going to Wales participating in the Cannonball Run in Ireland