Honoring 30 Years of Military Service Through Photography


Its been some time since I posted in my blog however when there is something special you want to share with people this would be that moment for me.

The military is a very special organization to be a part of and I was so blessed to have privilege in photographying the Retirement Ceremony of Chief O’Connor.   His 30 years of dedicated service in the United States Air Force as well as his dedicated service to the men and women of the Air Force has been an amazing journey and we can’t thank him enough for his service.   Best wishes Chief on your next journey you will be missed.



The Pacific Northwest — Washington State

The wildness of Central Washington is amazingly beautiful……. the powerful Columbia River and the Wild Horse Monument are located in Vantage and the prairie image was taken in Sprague Washington.  Many people think Washington is rainy and green however Central Washington has some very harsh prairie lands with beauitful landscapes to be capture by any photographer.

The Majestic Animals of Woodland Zoo

Zoos for me are a double edge sword for me I hate seeing animals behind glass or fences however I understand that in many case these animals are recused from very bad conditions.  With that being said seeing these majestic animals is an amazing experience,

Gorillas at Woodland Zoo in Seattle

If you are ever in Seattle I highly recommend visiting Woodland Zoo.  I had the opporturnity to visit the zoo this weekend and I am so happy I did…….. I fell completely in love wiith the gorillas and could have watched them for hours.

Downtown Seattle Washington

IMG_3879-3IMG_3880-3I love downtown Seattle and being able to photography the cities beauitful colors and buildings.

Graduation Day………. AAS Photography Degree

It’s been some time since I’ve blogged the month prior to graduation was crazy busy.  Between preparing for the Grad Show, Professional Portfolio Review and Graduation I barely knew who I was or were I was going…… so I took some time to regroup and relax and took a well needed short vacation to Seattle.

Graduating with my AAS in Photography is something I am so very proud of and it still feels like I am dreaming at times………. BUT I DID ITQ

Jennifer and Carter………I’m Blessed

I have the true pleasure of  introducing you to Jennifer and Carter, it was a true honor to have this opportunity to photography them today.  Jennifer and Carter are currently on vacation here in Spokane and I believe it’s been almost 3 years since we’ve seen each other, so I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to put them in front of my camera.

I met Jennifer while we both worked for the military, I’m telling you the military will truly BLESS you with very special people in your life and Jennifer is one of them.  She is an amazingly strong women, a dedicated military member and ONE HECK OF A MOTHER to her little guy.

Peaceful Moments

Marshall Lake is located in Newport Washington, and is just one of nature’s beauties we have here. Our family has been visiting this lake for four generations and have enjoyed fishing for the best Rainbow Trout you can find.

After a busy week I always look forward to hitting the water and taking in the peaceful moments of this glorious lake.

Abstract Poppies