As a child I came from a fairly poor family and didn’t have the luxury of a television, so you would always find me with a magazine looking at images which opened my life to new visual experiences through photography.  Life Magazine was a very large contributing factor for my love of photography.  Life magazine took me to places of beauty, taught me social issues, and introduced me to the beauty of our world and its people.  I knew then somehow, photography would be an important part of my life, someday!

 I can remember buying my first instant camera and having fun seeing the world through the viewfinder.  After sending my camera back to have my film developed I would run to the mailbox each day hoping to find an envelope full of magical images.

Fast forward 50 years later, and now retired from a career I loved, “I thought to myself what I was going to do with my life now”.  I always knew photography was a true passion of mine, so I decided to follow that dream and enrolled in the Photography Program at Spokane Falls Community College to earned my AAS degree.

My passion is in creating expressive, artistic photography.  Photography for me is a pure opportunity for engagement with people and nature. What I value most are the real and natural moments we experience collectively as individuals.  I enjoy capturing the true moments through provoking photography, whether it be in my portraiture’s or abstract art.